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Justin Guitar

  • Nothingman
    Ok - I've been playing this song for years. Always with that feeling that 'there was something not quite right,' though. Now, I've finally got it! It's a little detail, but that makes the whole difference… Anyway, in...
  • I Used to Love Her
    Oh, I used to think I was Axl Rose when I was a teenager. Long hair, crazy memories. Anyways. :) I Used to Love Her is an excellent tune for beginners! You only need three easy open chords to have loads of fun. It's...
  • Fade to Black
    Fade to Black was actually where I first realized how to use the Major Scale. I was in my early teens and was a huge Metallica fan! It was such an important song for me, essential to develop my relationship with music...
  • Should You Buy a Guitar Online?
    Guitar Online vs In-Store. Here are my tips on how to buy YOUR perfect guitar! I've also shared my 'Wednesday Guitar' experience.
  • How To Rekindle The Love For Guitar?
    If your guitar life feels pretty boring right now, don't buy new gear. Not before trying out these 6 tools to rekindle your guitar love!
  • Ariel On Music Philosophy!
    Over the lockdown, I had the chance of talking with Ariel Posen - a fantastic musician from Winnipeg, Canada. We talked about Dynamics, Improvisation, & Music Philosophy.
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