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Justin Guitar

  • Fingerstyle vs Strumming
    Ok, fingerstyle or strumming? Which one is the hardest, and which one should you learn first?
  • Why Is Strumming So Hard?
    In this lesson, I'll answer one of the questions I get the most: WHY IS STRUMMING SO HARD? Well, get ready! I've got 11 tips that will help you NAIL strumming the guitar!
  • Lush Acoustic Chords w Drone Strings 1
    My Chord of the Day series on Instagram is pretty popular. Still, trying to do things super quick, I felt like I was leaving good stuff out... so I thought I'd try this new format using a chord progression and a...
  • Love Again
    In this guitar lesson, we’ll learn how to play the song Love Again by Dua Lipa. This cool tune from the album Future Nostalgia was one of the most requested during the last weeks! Released in 2020, Love Again is a...
  • Sweet Leaf
    Get your electric guitar ready! Today, we’ll learn how to play the fantastic song Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath. Sweet Leaf is a complex song - experimental and with many layers, as we expect from a band like Black...
  • Ring Of Fire
    How to Play 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash In this lesson, we'll learn how to play the song 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash. This tune appears on the album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash' from 1963, and it’s...
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